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Early Educators Needed.


If nurturing is your nature, Early Childhood Education Collective organizations may be for you. Our “collective” agencies are looking for individuals that have a passion for serving children and families and can provide you with multiple paths for you to grow professionally and personally. Talk to us about your interests and together we can guide you on a career path where you can spend each day helping the future of your community, and right from the start you can discover your passion for helping kids grow.

OrganizationCommunity Action
How to Apply

Please go to:

or email a resume to Bella at [email protected]

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Join our group of trained Paraprofessionals who support the Assistant and Lead Teachers in providing quality care to pre-school aged students! Paraprofessionals spend the majority of their work day interacting with children as they carry out their daily tasks by adhering to Head Start. Performance Standards and State of Michigan Licensing requirements.

Date PostedMay 11, 2023
Application DeadlineMay 11, 2023